Anglian Water visit Yr 3/4

1st March 2016

On Tuesday March 1st, Rachel from Anglian Water came to talk to year 3/4 about the water cycle and how our water is collected and distributed to our homes. We learnt how it was purified ready for us to use it and drink it. We had to guess what was in some samples of water that wouldn’t be fit for drinking and we learnt that some people are employed to smell and taste samples of water to make sure it is fit to send to our homes.

We were amazed at how much water the average person wastes a year through washing and cleaning and we were given some simple tips on how to save water such as putting the plug in when you wash your hands and turning the tap off when you clean your teeth.

We also learnt what happened to our waste water and the effects of putting different waste products in our water such as fat, toilet wipes etc. It was very revealing! We conducted an experiment to see the effects of putting different products into clean water-even human waste! (Which wasn’t really human waste but the children didn’t know that.)

It was a very enjoyable day and we all got a greater insight into the processes involved in our water system