Chick, chick, chicks, come to visit Reception!

20th April 2016

Mr Wilcox (Camron’s dad) brought some chicks from his farm to visit Reception. We met white,red and Norfolk Black chicks(the only farm in this country to have them). We learnt that a boy chick is a cockerel and a girl chick is a hen. It is very hard to tell but hens tend to have longer tail feathers. The spikes on top of their head is a called a comb and as the chick grows (about 30-40days) it will begin to change colour. Cockerels have bigger combs and are really red; hens have smaller combs and are pink.


Mr Wilcox has to get up very early in the morning (6am) to look after the chickens, he has over 50,000. They live in big sheds but go outside every day, where they have climbing frames and swings to play with. Chickens do not like the dark so they go inside their shed once it starts getting dark. Inside their shed they have swings, hay bales and bottles hung from the ceiling to play with. We all really enjoyed holding the chicks, even Mrs Walker and Miss Bilimoria. A big thank you to Camron and Mr Wilcox.