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Our Curriculum

The Curriculum at Little Thetford C of E Primary School

At Little Thetford CE Primary School Children are encouraged to let their light shine before others and be a shining example in everything they do. Children follow their pathway of learning enabling them to thrive, flourish and feel valued in a safe and happy environment.

Little Thetford C of E Primary School's curriculum is designed to complement our school’s vision and values as well as the school’s learning values which define the type of learners we want to cultivate.

Our curriculum has been developed to develop children who:

  • Are fluent thinkers who can recall key facts and knowledge learnt
  • Are engaged, curious learners
  • Are independent reflective thinkers
  • Can collaborate effectively with their peers forming productive relationships

From September 2021, the school has adopted a more subject specific focus to learning to ensure that the integrity of all subjects is maintained. Moving away from a cross curricular approach, the school now teaches most subjects discretely which we believe supports children understanding of key knowledge allowing them to learn more and remember more; revisiting and building upon their knowledge throughout their primary education.

In EYFS and Key Stage 1 the classes work within a termly theme to supports children’s immersion and engagement in their learning but teach lessons such as history and geography discretely within the identified theme.

In Key Stage 2 the classes have moved away from a thematic approach and teach subjects discretely making connections where these naturally occur but ensuring that the knowledge taught within subjects is clear and defined for all learners enabling us to successfully monitor the impact of our curriculum.

The school’s wider curriculum development is an ongoing piece of work with some subjects more developed that others and as a school we will continue to develop our whole school curriculum in order to provide the most impactful curriculum possible for our children.

On leaving our school we want to ensure our children are fully prepared for their next stage of education both academically and emotionally. This is the philosophy of how we want to learn and underpins all of the learning that takes place in our school.