Curriculum Overview


The Curriculum at Little Thetford C of E Primary School


Little Thetford C of E Primary School's curriculum is designed to complement our school’s vision and values. Children are encouraged to let their light shine before others and be a shining example in everything they do. Children follow their pathway of learning enabling them to thrive, flourish and feel valued in a safe and happy environment.


Our curriculum has been developed to create children who:

  • Are engaged, curious learners
  • Are independent reflective thinkers
  • Can collaborate effectively with their peers
  • Are emotionally resilient
  • Are aware of and value the world around them

On leaving our school we want to ensure our children are fully prepared for their next stage of education both academically and emotionally. This is the philosophy of how we want to learn and underpins all of the learning that takes place in our school.


*Curriculum Update April 2021


After a turbulent and unpredictable year for everyone with schools being closed for most pupils for two extended periods, we have decided that this is an appropriate time to revaluate our curriculum and ensure it is the curriculum will want for our children long term.

This is not to say that we believe our current curriculum offer isn’t effective, however we do believe it can be even better and this is why we have decided to evaluate and refocus our wider curriculum approach during the summer term 2021.

We have recently redefined our curriculum values which we want to emanate throughout all that we teach. We believe the values of fluency, curiosity, relationships and being reflective are crucial for our children in their development as a learner and want all of our children to be taught a curriculum which integrates these values. See the document below for further information about these values.

Across the summer term we are also revisiting our subject progression documents to support us in making our curriculum more cohesive and progressive for the children.