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KS2 Victorian Trip to Gressenhall

On Wednesday 28th November, KS2 travelled to Gressenhall in Norfolk to visit an old Victorian workhouse. The activities throughout the day were all carefully woven around a murder mystery theme in which the children had to work out the clues and piece together who killed the workhouse girl, Annie Rudd. As part of this theme, the children had the opportunity to experience what it was like to attend a Victorian school, what it was like work and live in a workhouse, how laundry was done and they also got the chance to make drop-scones and sample them in the Victorian kitchen. Each session was led by a potential suspect and the children did a great job in finding clues and asking leading questions to find a motive. This was all capped off with an 'Agatha Christie' style conclusion which kept the children and adults on the edge of their seats.