New Behaviour Systems

1st November 2015

As a school we have recently reviewed the school’s behaviour policy. The reason for doing this was certainly not due to any poor behaviour , it was so that a whole school consistent

approach to behaviour management could be ensured. The full policy is available on our school website but I thought it would be helpful to summarise the different systems included to reward and sanction. These are as follows:


‘Traffic Light’ Behaviour System

Each classroom will have 5 faces displayed which are colour coded: Gold, Silver, Green, Amber and Red.At the beginning of each day, each child will begin on the green face. By displaying good behaviour children have the opportunity to move up to a silver face and then a gold face if they display fantastic behaviour. If a child reaches the gold face then they are awarded with a Gold sticker and 5 raffle tickets.

If a child’s behaviour doesn't meet expectations they may move to the amber and red face when appropriate sanctions will be issued.

Raffle Tickets

Once a child receives a raffle ticket these are put into a class pot which is drawn out on a weekly basis during the Celebration Assembly on Friday. If a child is picked out then they receive a small prize in recognition for their achievement.

House Points

House points will be awarded to children as a reward for academic achievement. This may be an impressive piece of work or a fantastic answer during a class discussion. Once a child receives a house point they will be invited to put a house point on their card. Children will receive certificates from the headteacher for each card completed. House points are also combined at the end of each week and the winning house are awarded a cup.