Welcome to Little Thetford CE Primary School

The Young'uns

On Thursday 1st February, we were treated to a truly amazing day of music, history and drama all led by the popular folk group the 'Young'uns (a folk group that have be voted BBC Radio 2 best folk group in both 2015 and 2016!). With KS1 and reception, they sang songs, showed them their musical instruments and taught them to dance like pirates! With KS2, they led workshops where the children were taught about historical figures through music and drama, underpinned by themes of equality and democracy. This all culminated in an assembly at the end of the day where we were witness, once again, to their amazing singing ability! We also heard the brilliant rap that was created by KS2 and all got up and danced like pirates! 
See the photos below and follow the link to hear our amazing rap!